Thursday, April 17, 2003


Q:  Who cultivated the first potatoes?

A:  Over two thousand years ago, Peru?s Inca Indians began to cultivate the potato. Spanish explorers discovered the nutrient-rich potato and brought it back to Spain.

Q:  How many potatoes does the average American consume annually?

A:  Each year the average American consumes 137.9 pounds of potatoes, including over 16 pounds of potato chips.

Q:  What are some unusual potato recipes?

A:  Potato Nachos,  Potato Chocolate Cake, Jalapeno-Ham Stuffed Potatoes, Mini Idaho Potato Zucchini Pancakes, and French Fry Quesadillas.

Q:  Where does the Idaho Potato stand with potato consumers?

A:  According to a recent survey, eighty-two percent of American consumers prefer their potatoes to be grown in the great state of Idaho. "Potatoes" are more closely identified with Idaho than Florida and oranges, Washington and apples or California and grapes.

Q:  How many calories does the average potato contain?

A:  The average potato, which is fat free, contains approximately 100 calories.

Q:  What percent of America's potatoes does Idaho produce?

A:  13.8 billion pounds, or 30 percent, of U.S. potatoes are grown in Idaho and sold around the world.

Q:  What makes Idaho potatoes special?

A:  The world's greatest potatoes are produced in Idaho due to unique growing conditions, such as Idaho's rich volcanic soil, clean air, mountain runoff which helps irrigate, sunny days, and cool nights.

Q:  Is there really a potato museum in the United States?

A:  Yes, the Idaho Potato Museum, located in Blackfoot, Idaho, is home to the world?s largest concrete potato. The museum, which offers "Free Taters for Out-of-Staters," displays the world?s largest potato chip (twenty-five inches in diameter), a tribute to Mr. Potato Head, and a burlap tuxedo.

Q:  What are some unusual potato uses?

A:  According to scientific evidence, the placement of raw sliced potatoes on broken bones promotes healing. Potatoes are also shown to prevent rheumatism and indigestion.

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