Saturday, July 26, 2003

NetsurferDigest: Toe Wrestling

Welcome to the extraordinary world of competitive toe wrestling. It's like arm-wrestling, but, well, with toes. It's a sport with a history, albeit a fairly short one, having been invented in an English pub in 1976, and there have even been efforts to elevate it to an Olympic event. We sense that toe wrestlers are more likely to be the kind of people who hang around pubs rather than honing their athletic prowess, and as if to prove this point one of the photographs in the picture gallery shows a contestant dressed in a jacket made of beer mats. There is some disappointing news for netsurfers who fancy a chance at competitive toe wrestling - the tenth Annual World Championships have just been held, so you'll have to wait a year if you want a tilt at champions Alan "Nasty" Nash or Karen "Kamikaze' Davies".

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Indoor plumbing may be all most readers know, but it wasn't so long ago that many Americans went out back to do their business. Indeed, a reasonable number of outhouses still exist in the rural US. The Outhouses of America sites honors our past plumbing with every possible detail imaginable, and some unimaginable. Learn how to build a working house. It's not as easy as you might think and the results of getting it wrong are generally extremely unpleasant. The site even has pages devoted to an annual outhouse race. All that seems to be missing is an outhouse with power and an Internet plug so you can set up a desktop in it.

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