Friday, April 18, 2003

Wireless App: interesting conversion

> Cell phone firm offers SARS alerts -

A mobile operator in Hong Kong has launched an interesting location-based
service that alerts people when they're in the vicinity of a building
where evidence of SARS has been found - the service pings the user with a
message if they pass within 1 kilometer of the location. The free-for-now
service has people dialing a number to access information posted by the
Department of Health - they can then choose to receive location alerts as
well as information on places SARS patients are suspected to have visited.

Security/privacy: Fox and the Hen House

The Department of Homeland Security has a new "privacy czar" -- Nuala
O?Connor Kelly, the former privacy officer of New York-based online
advertising firm DoubleClick. Kelly will be responsible for protecting the
privacy rights of U.S. citizens, ....